B. Viewing Dance Email Announcements

Note 7/2018: These 2 Yahoo groups are both still in operation.  They have announcements for mostly ballroom and social dances, and singles dances where there is one.

View  [MahoneyNet] announcements     
  • The [MahoneyNet] is a once-per-week weekly summary, edited by Bill & Cindy Mahoney.

View  [BilltownDance]  announcements       
  •  This group has ALL the dance announcements, INCLUDING the [MahoneyNet] message.
  • The above two links will take you to the two respective "Yahoo Groups" Homepages. 
  • You can then click on the "Conversations" link that is located just below the left corner of the top banner image, to view recent dance announcements.

Note 2:  You can SUBSCRIBE (or unsubscribe) yourself to either of the above two Yahoo Groups -- see the BilltownDance.com 'Subscribe' page for more info.

Note 3: For "Announcers Privileges", see BilltownDance.com's "Announcers Wanted" page.