North Central Pa Singles Dance Groups

(This page last modified 2/20/2022)

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A. Email Announcements:

  • You can request Bill Mahoney to send you a copy of his weekly dance newsletter, that he emails via MailChimp -- see  for details.
  • This newsletter covers N. Central PA, and some Scranton and Harrisburg events.
  • Note this newsletter is mostly ballroom dances, but Bill does usually include singles dances whenever he receives information.

B. Active Central PA Singles Groups:

To the best of our knowledge, most of the NC PA singles groups have ceased operation in the last few years.
The following nearby groups we believe are still active.
  1. Harrisburg (Camp Hill): Singles Mingles Dance Central PA,  Per their Facebook page 2/2022, "For the balance of the year, all dances will be Sunday evenings at the Elks in Camp Hill."  (links added 2/2022) 
  2. Harrisburg: Crossfire Singles Ministry,  (link verified 2/2022)
  3. Harrisburg and York: Pat's Singles Dance,, dances every Sunday night in the Harrisburg-York region   (link works 2/2022, group on HOLD due to Coronavirus)
  4. Lancaster: Central Pa Dances - Single Dances, Couples; Meet, Mingle & Dance, , Sunday nights at the Lancaster American Legion, live music by the Clockwork Band (links added 2/2022) 
    * Clockwork Band videos may be viewed at
  5. Sayre: Valley Dance  (combined singles & couples) 1st Friday at Sayre VFW,  (link verified 2/2022)

C. Further Away Groups:

6. Pittsburgh: Saturday Singles Dance,  ///   (links verified 2/2022)


D. ~~ Recently  I-N-A-C-T-I-V-E  Groups:

(Older archives are on the ARCHIVE page) has links to other areas for ballroom and social dancing.